Ordered list

If you like your lists to be ordered, this is the one for you

How we design them

  • Keep copy short
  • Start each line with a capital letter (unless using words like “giffgaff” and “goodybag”)
  • Don’t put a full stop at the end of each line
  • Numbers in ordered lists must be decimal and have a full stop

How it looks

Apply the class gg-c-list-ordered to the <ul> tag.

Use gg-c-tick-list__item classes to apply the tick svg to the <li> tag.

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320 x 568
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<ol class="gg-c-list-ordered">
  <li>Thing number one</li>
  <li>Thing number two</li>
  <li>Thing number three</li>
  <li>Thing number four</li>
  <li>Thing number five</li>
  <li>Thing number six</li>
  <li>Thing number seven</li>
  <li>Thing number eight</li>
  <li>Thing number nine</li>
  <li>Thing number ten</li>