Our logo is how we make our mark

We’ve got two types of logo, as you can see below, both of which are used in very specific places.

giffgaff full logo usage:

  • Used on video end cards
  • YouTube videos
  • “the mobile network run by you” must be legible
  • The white divider line lock up must always be included
  • Advertisement print
Download the full logo - SVG
Download the full logo - PNG

giffgaff shortened logo usage:

  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts
  • When the strap-line copy is no longer legible, please remove and use only the giffgaff logo
Download the shortened logo - SVG
Download the shortened logo - PNG

Clear space and minimum size

We like our logo to stand out, so make sure it’s of a certain size with a minimum amount of clear space surrounding it.

This space should be a minimum of 10% of the overall logo. Width shown below

100% (full logo width)

100% (shortened logo width)

Things to avoid

The main thing to consider is consistency. Don’t go making any funky alterations. We like our logos just the way they are.