Brand story

What we're all about

At the heart of it, we believe in something simple - that there is ‘a better way to do mobile’. A belief that gets us up in the morning ready to challenge the old way of doing things.

We are the David amongst Goliaths in mobile land. Big mobile networks like things their way. They tell you what phone you can have and how long you can keep it; all at a cost that suits them. They’ve had it too good for too long and that’s where we come in.

We built a mobile network where we collaborate with our members to make things better.

You see, what we love about people getting together is that it empowers folks to take control and work together to change outdated approaches. We’re firm believers in this sort of ‘people power’.

We work with our members to do things that big companies normally spend a fortune on. We keep our costs low and that way we can pass the savings back to our members. We recognise our members' efforts and reward them. Hence the name ‘giffgaff’, which is ye olde Scottish for ‘mutual giving’.

We are the new way of doing things, and it’s just the start. Our ambition is endless.

Our brand

We'll go through everything in more detail... but think of giffgaff like an artichoke, full of layers.

From our story on the outer layers, to our personality, values and core essence on the inside.

PersonalityFriendlyCommittedSpiritedDisruptiveValuesSocialLeanTransparentDecentEssenceMutualityBrand StoryWe created giffgaff because we believe thatto do mobile.there is a better way