These are the best, tried and tested USPs that bring people to giffgaff

USPs or ‘unique selling points’ are the things we like to shout about the most. They are the things our members love about giffgaff. For many, they are the reasons they decided to join us.

Depending on what area of giffgaff you’re writing for, you’ll have different USPs. Here are some of the best USPs to use broken down into common themes.

General SIM offers

These are generic, all-round USPs that can be used in most occasions.

  • Flexible SIM only deals
  • No contracts
  • Change or cancel your plan anytime

Value driven offers

These USPs are great to showcase the value giffgaff offers its members.

  • No contracts, just flexible goodybags packed with data
  • We’ll recommend the best plan for you each month
  • Get an extra 1 GB on us from your third purchase onwards

Important - Any USP in which we mention the extra GB of data must be accompanied by a pop-up box with the following explainer.

1 GB extra on us. It’s never fun running out of data, which is why we’re giving members a little extra. Once you’ve bought your 3rd goodybag, we’ll boost your data by 1 GB whenever you buy a £10, £12, £15 or £20 goodybag.