Tone of voice

Welcome to the giffgaff tone of voice guidelines. This is how we come across. Be friendly, be playful, be bold, be spirited.

Let’s start at the beginning

We’re a simple brand

One with a confident message that’s easy to understand. Staying true to our tone of voice is key to creating an outstanding online experience.

Simply put

We’re warm, friendly and energetic, with a dash of British charm. We like to make our members smile and put a spring in their step.

We collaborate

That’s just how we do things. We create content that connects with our members because they’re at the heart of everything we do.

Our social channels

These are an extension of our brand and give our members a chance to be part of more than just a network. A network that’s supportive and trustworthy and keeps them safe.

Our brand values

We focus on what matters


Conversations and collaboration are at the heart of our business


Some companies keep secrets. We don’t


We don’t waste money. We find new efficient ways of doing things and return the savings to you


Easy to say, hard to do. We always try

Our brand personality

It’s in our DNA


We’re happy to talk to you if you want. We’re happy to listen if you want to talk


We don’t need to be for everyone, so we enjoy our way of doing things


We really love what we do and are determined to do it well


In a positive way. Making things better sometimes upset the big boys, we don’t mind that

Tone of voice

Our brand value + our brand personality = Tone of voice


As if we’re talking to our mates. We’re happy and friendly


We’re easy to understand by using clear and simple language


It’s about using short sentences. Let’s not make it complicated


We make our members smile where we can

So we are

  • Friendly - but not annoying
  • Honest - but not blunt
  • Upbeat - but not overbearing/flippant
  • Challenging - But not aggressive
  • Informative - But not patronising