Creating components

A set of guidelines for those creative types

Component checklist

Before you start

  • Ask yourself “Do you really need a new component or can you use one that already exists?”
  • Is it something that is re-usable and not product specific?
  • Do you understand the accessibility requirements for this component?
  • Is there any research (internal or external) that can give you guidance?


  • Are there any constraints on what content can be placed in this component?


  • Does it align to giffgaff’s UX standards?
  • Implementation considerations, i.e. where to use and not to use
  • What are the use cases for this component


  • Does it align to our brand identity and visual guidelines


  • Performance considerations (image formats)
  • Does it align to giffgaff’s UI coding standards?

Component validation

Things to do check that you’ve built the right thing

  • A/B tests
  • User research and testing

What to document

  • Everything above